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Our research group is interested in catalysis in both homogeneous and heterogeneous systems. The studies in homogeneous systems comprise the development of catalysts for reactions of hydrolysis of phosphate and carboxylic esters and amides. With respect to the heterogeneous catalysis, our goal is the synthesis and characterization of solid materials as catalysts for processes such as the hydrogenation of olefins and the detoxification of organophosphorus compounds. We are also interested in catalytic microheterogeneous systems, with focus on the synthesis of metallic nanoparticles in aqueous solutions for application in reactions of interest to the chemical industry. Also, our group works on the physicochemical characterization of colloidal systems and the investigation of properties of fluorescent probes in these media.
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Federal University of Santa Catarina - Department of Chemistry - Campus Trindade - Florianópolis - SC - Brazil - CEP 88040-900 - Phone: 00 55 48 3721 6849 - FAX: 00 55 48 3721 6850
E-mail: bruno.souza@ufsc.br; ricardo.affeldt@ufsc.br; adriana.gerola@ufsc.br